Just can't wait for the weekend

It has been hectic here at Bloodyard HQ, plans are being formed, ideas are brewing and pieces are being put in to place. Since Dave left us back in June it has been non-stop preparing for the future, and we have to say, we are extremely excited. Stay tuned for a video diary to hear all the details.

Coming up at the end of this month we embark on a wild weekend in Scotland to headline the 2nd stage at Hordes X Festival in Dundee. Either side of that gig we are playing at Eradication festival Manchester on the Friday night, and on the Sunday we'll be making our debut in Dunfirmline at Hordes X Outreach. You can find all the event page links at the bottom of this article. Click h ere to check out an interview with Nick to see what we have planned.

Manchester Eradication Festival

Hordes X

Hordes X Outreach: Dunfirmline

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