So much going on!

Where to start and what to start with? It's been a busy old time here at Bloodyard HQ, hence why we've seemingly been so quiet, but we ca assure you we've been anything but. So let's start filling you in. The biggest news we've had recently is something we're very excited about and been looking forward to for quite some time. We have teamed up with Rachael and her awesome staff at Enso Music Management, to help kick Bloodyard to the next level. Enso have an excellent amount of experience and passion for Heavy metal, and have a wonderful reputation of working with bands like us. We can't wait to get started on this exciting journey and start hitting venues far and wide, and expect to hear plenty more about what we get up to with Enso Music Management.

Actually it's because of Enso that from now on you'll be getting a bigger and more extended news Blog. They have asked us to do Vlogs, but as we are all extremely camera shy, we'll start by using a written media until at least 2 of us can be coaxed in front of a camera, probably with beer and threats of violence! So in this new extended blog we'll be covering a wider range of issues and subjects, such as band news, gig updates and reaction, gear info, local music news, gigs we've been to, and anything else related to the underground metal scene. So without further ado, let's get going!

Album update! I figure the best place to begin is also, for me, the most exciting, and that's the forthcoming album. To get everyone up to scratch I'll fill you in as to where we're up to. The drums are all complete, and sounding decidedly monstrous. We couldn't be happier with the way they have come out. Working with Daryl at Lancaster and Morecambe College's recording studio was an absolute pleasure, and we can't wait to get back in there to record the vocals. With the drums done, Donna and I headed up to our good mate Chris, the phenomenal guitar player from Cumbrian juggernauts Triverse Massacre. The guitar tones we got are superb, bordering on the delicious! We got the bulk of guitar tracks done, with just a few harmonies and a couple of edges to sharpen once the bass tracks are down. That is what comes next for us, in a couple of weeks we will be back with Chris, ready to lay down some thunder, and hopefully not drive him too mental! Chris sent me a rough mix of one of the album tracks last night, and I just sat that grinning. It is sounding exactly the way I imagined it would when we began writing these songs.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of playing at The Bobbin, as part of the Lancaster Live music festival, A festival that takes place in lots of pubs and venues across the city, showcasing the finest in local talent. We played on the Friday night alongside Nexilva, Callus, Doem,Syntropy, and South Cave. It was great to catch up with the guys and gals in Syntropy, as we played with them a while ago in Manchester, and we were looking forward to seeing them play again. We were definitely not disappointed, the power and ferocity from this band is incredible and we'll hopefully get to see them again soon. It was also really cool to catch up with the lads from Callus. We've watched these guys grow as a band over the last few years and I swear every time I see them they get better. They've had an incredible year getting themselves some prestigious festival appearances including this years Hammerfest. There was a very energetic and enthusiastic crowd lapping up the feast of metal being thrown at them, and every single band appreciated everyone coming out and braving the horrible weather to support this incredible event.

The biggest local music news at the moment is the proposed closure of out practice rooms, The Lancaster Musician's Co-op. The Co-op has been home to Lancaster bands for the last 33 years, and has helped countless bedroom musician transform from bedroom dreamers to big stage acts, local heroes like Angelica, Massive Wagons, 3 Colours Red, and many more. Due to issues with the local city council, property developers, and a list of property repairs as long as your arm, our beloved rehearsal rooms are hanging on by a thread. The local council has issued them with an eviction order. What happens now is anyone's guess, I suppose it's either they get the work done that is needed, find a new home, or the one nobody wants, and that is we lose a vitally important part of our local culture. If you'd like to help please sign the petition, and help us keep our musical home,

I'll sign off here before I bore you all to death, but I'll be back next month with more news, updates, gossip and info, and hopefully in the near future we can do this via video and include even more interesting things.



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