Staying on the ‘Best of Brum’ stage, not because the other stages hadn’t started yet, but because I’ve wanted to see Bloodyard for a long time now. Hailing from the North-West, these guys and pint-sized female vocalist, are making waves at present. Don’t let Donna’s size fool you though, as she can scream and growl with the best of them. As they are primarily death metal, they saw fit to enter the Metal To The Masses competition, last year and for their efforts, won a place to perform on the New Blood Stage, at Bloodstock, last year. Sadly, I missed that performance, because I was drunk, somewhere else, I can be forgiven, right. I did hear they went down a storm that day though! I bet they felt like rock royalty during this performance today, as there was a full pit of photographers, to capture it, probably like at Bloodstock, I’m sure they could get use to this, well, they have the credentials to warrant the attention. I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of this lot! 


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Next up were death metal / groove monsters Bloodyard [7] who unleashed a barrage of mosh-pit friendly tunes headed-up by the fervent vocals of banshee front-woman Donna Hurd. Taking their cues from early 90’s death metal, Bloodyard are a force to be reckoned with and they have the tracks to back it up; “Dead Relics”, taken from 2015’s Darker Rage EP, proving particularly ferocious!


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Get your ears around Bloodyard (3.5/5), when you get the chance. Coming from the North West of England, the four piece waste no time in getting stuck into the Bloodstock vibe and unleash an almighty sound of quality groove / death combination metal. Vocalist Donna Hurd looks right at home on stage, as she paces back and forth and rouses the crowd throughout, keeping things on a high energy level.


Since their formation in 2010, North West death metallers Bloodyard have been making a big noise (literally) across the UK with their live shows.
‘Darker Rage’ is the follow up to their 2013 ‘Set To Fal’ EP, a solid debut which gave an early indication as to the band’s potential.
Now, two years on, their second EP builds on what has gone before, and marks Bloodyard out as a band to watch.
Opener ‘Epitaph’ lays down the gauntlet from the start, kicking off with a powerful  grinding riff, before frontwoman Donna Hurd unleashes her remarkable, guttural growl.  Imagine being mugged by a tag team of Arch Enemy and Napalm Death and you’re probably somewhere close.
‘Sacred To None’ begins with a softer opening, but those expecting a more laid back number are in for a shock as the song soon opens up into a thunderous, heavy beast of a track.
Of the four tracks on offer, title track ‘Darker Rage’ is probably the heaviest, with an epic, pounding riff, some fine drumming, and Hurd not so much spitting out the lyrics as smashing you straight in the face with them.  It’s loud, fast, brutal and possibly the stand out track of the EP.
‘Dead Relics’ brings matters to a close.  Starting off in a similar vein to ‘Sacred To None’, it soon kicks into a blisteringly paced, toe tappingly extreme slab of metal, which should probably come with a whiplash warning as your neck will be getting a serious workout.  It also gives Hurd a chance to showcase another side to her vocals, with a softer delivery towards the end providing a good counterpoint to her normal epic scream.

At around 13 minutes long, it’s over way too soon, but that merely gives you the perfect excuse to stick it straight back on again.
It’s been a busy last few months for Bloodyard, with the release of this new EP and their success in winning a coveted Bloodstock slot at Metal 2 The Masses.  On the evidence here, the next few years could well see some very big things.
A loud, angry, in your face cut of sheer brutality, ‘Darker Rage’ will undoubtedly stand as one of the best and heaviest releases of 2015.   An essential purchase.


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Darker Rage - Bloodyard
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Set to Fall - Bloodyard
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