Formed in mid 2010, Bloodyard are a 4 piece Groove/Death metal band, based in North-West England The band consists of Donna Hurd on vocals, Nick Adamson on guitar, Dave Cowley on bass,  and Matty Lee on drums. Over the last few years Bloodyard have developed a Metal style all of their own. Blending old school Death Metal with modern Thrash, adding splatterings of Black Metal, and Grindcore, and a vein of Doom. The band have drawn comparisons with many Extreme Metal legends such as, Lamb of God, Cannibal  Corpse, and  Bolt Thrower. Upon listening to their latest release it's easy to see why.

Bloodyard have played some of the biggest and most notable venues all across the UK, including Manchester Academy, Birmingham Academy, The Old Salutation Nottingham, The Prince Albert Brighton, and Beat Generator in Dundee. In 2015 Bloodyard won the Metal to the Masses competition and earned themselves a slot at that year's Bloodstock Festival, and appearing on a special feature about Bloodstock on Scuzz TV. The band have appeared at many of the other top festivals as well, such as Hammerfest (2019), HRH Metal (2017 + 2019), Mammothfest (2016), Hordes Festival (2019), and Eradication Festival Manchester (2019). 

In 2020 Bloodyard have released their debut full length album, Orchard of Corpses. Along with their previous two E.P releases (2014's Set to Fall, and 2016's Darker Rage), Bloodyard have received high acclaim in the music press. 




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Orchard of Corpses is a strong debut with lots of fantastic musicianship, from the adventurous riffs and authoritative drumming to the monstrous vocals, each helping to make this music all the more memorable. It’s hard to not get caught up in this music, with many of the songs combining a tight, old school sound with a modern production, making for some incredibly catchy and powerful death metal at many points.

Distorted Sounds Magazine

There’s no point in me trying to describe each song. They all contain technical excellence, mixed with speed and an imagination most bands would be jealous of. To be able to create an album like this over such a length of time tells me that Bloodyard deserve to be at the top. You don’t write music like this willy nilly. This album is something else that in a parallel universe would be up there with the likes of Exodus, Slayer, and all things metal. You don’t win 2015’s Metal To The Masses through luck.


This debut is a wonderful accumulation of raw, hard-hitting, skull-pounding savagery encased in an orb of melancholy.

Moshville Times

The vocals of frontwoman Donna Hurd cut through you like a wailing banshee with the soaring highs and the earth shattering lows produces by her, with her delivery rivalling most vocalists in the scene to date. The instrumentals are absolutely crushing. The riffs are spectacular, the solos are brain melting and the drums vibrate through you like a 747 taking off. In terms of music, there’s nothing bad I can say about this album as it all blends together perfectly to create a cacophony of destructive music that will stand it’s ground and appeal the fans.

Musipedia Of Metal

Overall, Orchard of Corpses is a fine debut from a band who’ve plugging away on the circuit for a while now….and they fully deserve to climb to the next level! 7/10

Worship Metal

After two EPs, the English Bloodyard has finally taken the step to release a debut album. 'Orchard Of Corpses' is self-released and, as the title suggests, has little in common with fragrant blossoms like you would normally find in the orchard this season. Old school death metal with a lot of groove and sometimes some thrash that brutally thunders over you.

Arrow lords of Metal

What a night with flawless riffs from Nick Adamson, Dave Cowley hammering out a crushing baseline and Matty Lee’s powerful drum work. They bring a crushing heavy sound that combined with Donna Hurd’s awe inspiringly powerful vocals will have you headbanging well into the night. If you’re into death metal then this is a band to check out, I think you may be pleasantly surprised with the new upcoming album if what I’ve heard here tonight is anything to go by.

Moshville Times

EP closer ‘Dead Relics’   treats us to a little more of Bloodyard’s softer side…. for about 15 seconds!! The anger from this band is released through each member, together, each playing their part in this stunning EP. It may be four years old but this EP has years left in it. Go buy it. It’s amazing.

Planet Mosh

Staying on the ‘Best of Brum’ stage, not because the other stages hadn’t started yet, but because I’ve wanted to see Bloodyard for a long time now. Hailing from the North-West, these guys and pint-sized female vocalist, are making waves at present. Don’t let Donna’s size fool you though, as she can scream and growl with the best of them. As they are primarily death metal, they saw fit to enter the Metal To The Masses competition, last year and for their efforts, won a place to perform on the New Blood Stage, at Bloodstock, last year. Sadly, I missed that performance, because I was drunk, somewhere else, I can be forgiven, right. I did hear they went down a storm that day though! I bet they felt like rock royalty during this performance today, as there was a full pit of photographers, to capture it, probably like at Bloodstock, I’m sure they could get use to this, well, they have the credentials to warrant the attention. I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of this lot! 


Some of you may have caught Bloodyard at Bloodstock after the northern quartet secured their ticket when winning their local Metal to the Masses competition. Darker Rage is their second EP and features four feisty tracks that come in collectively at just under 15 minutes. It’s energetic, upbeat and with sufficient quantities of grooves to give your headbanging technique a workout.


Next up were death metal / groove monsters Bloodyard who unleashed a barrage of mosh-pit friendly tunes headed-up by the fervent vocals of banshee front-woman Donna Hurd. Taking their cues from early 90’s death metal, Bloodyard are a force to be reckoned with and they have the tracks to back it up; “Dead Relics”, taken from 2015’s Darker Rage EP, proving particularly ferocious!




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